How to install the software

  1. Go to your Windows desktop (or the location where you chose to save the program) and double click on the BallysDoverPokerAndCasino icon.

    Poker icon

    The Bally's Dover Download Wizard will open and download some initial setup files. Please wait for this process to complete.

    Please note: In the event that you cannot find the BallysDoverPokerAndCasino icon on your Windows desktop, follow these steps:

    1. Press the Start menu, on the bottom left corner of your screen.

    2. Choose Search and then click Files or Folders.

    3. Enter "BallysDoverPokerAndCasino".exe (without the quotation marks) inside the white window labeled 'Named'.

    4. Click Find Now.

    5. Once you have located the file, double click on the BallysDoverPokerAndCasino icon.

      Installation Screen

  2. You will be asked to select a folder on your computer, in which to install the Bally's Dover software. We recommend choosing the default destination (your Program Files), as in the example below, by clicking on Next.

    Installation Screen

    The installation process will begin and you will see this screen:

    Installation Screen

  3. Upon completion of the installation process, the main poker lobby will open and you will be able to log in or browse all of the poker styles, games and tables.

    Poker Lobby

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