DOWNLOAD the new Bally's Dover software
and enjoy our rebranded poker client!

To save all your Poker Client Notes, please follow the steps listed here:
  1. DO NOT uninstall or delete anything related to your "Dover Downs" poker client yet.
  2. Go to the “DoverDowns” folder in “Documents”: “Documents\DoverDownsPoker”
  3. Select all the content in the folder.
  4. Right click and copy all the content in this folder.
  5. Folder content
  6. Go to the “Bally’s Dover” folder in “Documents”: “Documents\BallysDoverPoker”
  7. Right click and paste the content from the “DoverDownsPoker” folder to the "BallysDoverPoker“ folder.
  8. Paste content in Bally's Dover
  9. Select “Replace the files in the destination”.
  10. Replace the files in the destination
  11. Make sure that all your files are available in your client.
  12. If your user settings and notes are available, feel free to uninstall the “Dover Downs” client.